2020 Edenflo Candy Lane


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The Edenflo cuvée names have a kind of semblance to the wine, though they kind of underplay their complexity and seriousness too. This one is Grenache, Pinot Noir, Gewürztraminer, Viognier, at the rate of 50:20:15:5 – intrigue! Light and fresh, jellied berries and candied citrus, loads of sweet, perky spice, floral things all going on. Feels nice to sip on with its crisp texture and yet fruity, spicy feel. Vibrant, thirst-quenching kind of style of friskier red wine. So much detail in this wine yet it feels chuggable and destined for ice buckets and laundry sink ice wells. The kind of summery red we all need. – The Wine Front Mike Bennie