2019 Escoda Nas Del Gegant


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Joan Ramon and Mari Carme launched Escoda Sanahuja winery in 1997, embarking on a new life project. The winery grew from their dream to create natural wines utilising biodynamic agriculture.

The philosophy of vinification follows their indispensable obligation to respect the fruit and the land to the maximum. They use only native/wild yeast fermentation, do not filter or fine any of their wines nor add any sulphur or any other additives at any stage.

They have also cultivated 10 hectares of olive trees, almond trees and vegetable gardens. They also have a small farm with chickens, lambs and rabbits. This allows them to have their own fertiliser, without any chemical residue which is a fundamental detail to work the soil in a natural way.

Their vineyards are always covered with a vegetal mantle, with the aim of maintaining balanced soil, rich in microorganisms. This fact also helps them to maintain the humidity, something that is very important in dry climates such as theirs.

Joan Ramon is also one of the founders of the incredible Brutal!!! wine corporation movement. A wine label that is available for anyone to use provided they produce wine under a specific set of guidelines which include zero/zero winemaking (zero additions in the vineyard and zero additions in the winery), the wine must be something new and unique and the wine must be made in very small quantities.

The 2019 Nas del Gegant is a blend of Merlot, Sumoll & Garnatxa (Grenache) aged in amphora and is utterly unique with wild herb and savory notes integrated with deep, dark earthy fruit. It somehow tastes ancient and fresh simultaneously. An incredible wine and one of our favourite international producers who we were lucky enough to visit in 2019 and see just how incredible what they are doing truly is!