Wildflower 2019 St Phoebe Raspberry Australian Wild Ale


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Format375ml bottle

St Phoebe is an Australian Wild Ale refermented with raspberries. It is named for Chris and his wife’s first daughter. Saint Phoebe was a 1st-century deaconess from modern-day Greece. The beer was made from 6 barrels of golden mixed fermentation, barrel-aged beer; 1736 (10 month old Gold), 1738 (10 month old Gold), 1811 (a 10 month old barrel of our pilsner wort fermented with NSW yeast), 1602 (16 month old Gold) and 1759 (19 month old Gold) and 1833 (10 month old Gold) . On January 24 2019, 1736, 1738 and 1811 were racked onto 360kg of frozen raspberries. The three barrels of beer were then blended into a stainless steel variable capacity tank with the raspberries and left in contact together for 11 weeks to allow for complete refermentation and maceration. On 18 April 2019, we blended in 16021759 and 1833 based on the refermentation needing some aged structure. This is our preferred method for fruit referments. Overshoot the fruit rate initially, and blend to taste after the referment. It was packaged on 24 April and allowed to go through a tertiary fermentation for carbonation and conditioning for 14 weeks. – Wildflower