Sunlight Liquor Gums and Roses Mead


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Format330ml can

Our native ingredient homage to a sparkling rosé! Have you ever heard of Strawberry Gum? Neither had we until we started playing with a sample pack given to us by a friend. Strawberry gum, Eucalyptus olida, hails from the mountains near Tenterfield in northern NSW. It contains an essential oil that is pungently fragrant with berry and tropical fruit notes. Gum leaves were crying out to be paired with a premium gum honey. Gum honey has a broad flavour profile that all Aussies would probably call normal honey. It is a rich and caramelly, a perfect match for for the fruity gum leaves. The species we use in Gums and Roses changes depending on seasonal availability but typically includes SA Blue Gum, Eucalyptus leucoxylon. We infused organic hibiscus flower to add a little colour and gentle acidity to balance this amazing drink. (Producer’s notes)