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Format375ml Can

Parc Pils is the latest project by Monceau, a Melbourne-based team passionate about delicious and sophisticated non-alc beverages.

Our first product, Monceau Pet-Nat Kombucha, uses low-intervention, natural fermentations to produce an ultra low-alc alternative to sparkling wine. We made it because we thought kombucha could be as delicious and complex as natural wine. And once we got our brewery up and running, we drank a lot of our pet-nat kombucha ourselves, at dinner parties, picnics and the like.

But during a series of prolonged COVID lockdowns in Melbourne, Australia, at the end of yet another long day of WFH, we found ourselves craving the easy-drinking, crisply uplifting experience of an ice-cold craft pilsner—but without any heavy or boozy feelings. That’s when we got started on Parc. What if we took all we’d learned developing Monceau—and all that we value: natural and local ingredients, no funny tricks or chemicals, low alc, low sugar—and tried to make a perfect non-alc pilsner?

It’d be no walk in the parc, but we were keen to try. – Monceau