Horal’s Oude Geuze Mega Blend 2019


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Format750ml bottle

A collaboration with Brouwerij De Troch, Brouwerij Lindemans, Brouwerij Oud Beersel, Hanssens Artisanaal, Brewery John Martin & Brewery Timmermans, Geuzestekerij De Cam, Gueuzerie Tilquin.

HORAL – Hoge Raad voor Ambachtelijke Lambikbieren (High Council for Traditional Lambic Beers) is a consortium of lambic brewers and blenders that works together to promote lambic beers, brewing, and culture in Belgium. Their stated goals are “to promote the craft lambic beers and related products, paying attention to the entire process of brewing to serving lambic; denouncing irregularities concerning artisanal lambic beers and related products; take steps to protect the traditional lambic beers and related products. HORAL has worked to obtain and maintain current European Protections on traditional lambic beers since the Traditionally Specialty Guaranteed label was assigned to them in 1997.