Cantillon Vigneronne


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Format750ml bottle

Created by blending Muscat grapes and lambic “druivenlambik” (grapes lambic). The fructose, which abounds in these fruits enables us to make a beer, which is more mellow than the Gueze or other fruit beers. It still has the tartness and sourness, but is more of a distant cousin of certain white wines. A Word from the Brewer In spite of its success, the Vigneronne represents less than 5% of the total production of the Cantillon brewery. In order to obtain grapes which are as mature as possible, we buy them at the end of the season. Every year, 1000 kilos of white italian grapes are delivered at the Cantillon brewery in the beginning of October. It is difficult to produce more Vigneronne even though the demand exists. All the grapes are picked from the bunch by hand and we don’t have much time, since the new brewing season starts at the end of October. The beers are not blended before the bottling. The second fermentation is caused by the addition of a sugared liquor. The six-pointed star on our label is an alchemist’s symbol. It contains four elements, represented by triangles, of the brewing process. The fire is the symbol of the mashing tun, the earth of the cereals, the air of the yeasts, and the water is the fourth element. At this moment, only a brewer of traditional lambic may use this symbol. – Brasserie Cantillon