Beerbliotek x Dry & Bitter I Woke Up Woke This Morning Fruit Gose


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Format330ml Can

We’ve done a lot of events with Dry and Bitter and have been friends with them for a very long time. This is our second collaboration together and the first at our Brewery.

This beer is named after the debates on people being woke, some people being too woke, and others not woke enough. The text describes a person sleeping, but with some of the words hidden, it will test if you’re woke, too woke, or not woke enough.The colours represent the fact that there’s four different fruits in this beer, a Gose, traditionally brewed with Salt.

This deep golden Gose bursts with sweet, tropical fruit cocktail aromas. It’s a tart, fruity mash of Mango, Melon, Passion Fruit and Strawberry with a salty kick. The salt balances and transforms the palette from all things tropical, sweet and juicy into a complex savoury experience making you thirsty for more. – Beerbliotek