2021 Lucy M. Vino Arancione


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The gris is from Robert Surmann’s vineyard in Totness with 30 y/o vines grown on Black Sandy soil overlying petrified schist, it is V.S.P. Trained and spur pruned. The sémillon is from Magpie Springs farm in the Hope Valley. It has sand soil and is at the top of a hill near the ocean with strong ocean breezes sometimes. The vines are 25 years old, unmanicured and wild farmed. The Sauvignon Blanc is V.S.P. Trained and spur pruned. A ménage à trois, with three varieties, dwelling in the bottle together. A form of polyamory, contemporary arrangements are sometimes identified as a throuple, thruple, or triad. Each of the varieties spent many months on skin before cohabiting in the bottle where they express their exuberance every time the cork is popped. Clean fresh salty ocean air, waves crashing against volcanic rocks and the alluring scent of a tropical forest that hugs the shoreline. She tastes of exotic sweet guava, pomegranate and lychee, in intoxicating atmosphere leads to heavy breathing in the shimmering into the sunset.