2019 Manon Wild Nature Ozone Pinot Gris


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The Wild Nature collection is lead by experiment and the willingness to see and feel those ‘what if’ elements in life. We do not prune, tend or tame these vines. They are left to their own orchestration, growing petite bunches and forming a wave-like canopy over the wires that remain in the vineyard, creating a wonderful umbrella on hot summer days for our Kangaroo mates. Not neglected, but left without the controlling touch of human hands, resulting in a truly unique and wild wine.

Ozone is a carbonically fermented Pinot Gris. The whole bunches are placed in a stainless steal tank and the lid is sealed shut. Preventing any oxygen, light or outside influence to this wine. We do not open this lid to do pump overs or use any gas in this process.

The natural yeasts present on the berries create a very healthy fermentation and we are left unknown to what goes on below the lid trusting the process… until we open and smell after 35+ days. The fermenting juice is then gently extracted using our basket press and bucketed into aged oak barrels – where it is re-introduced to oxygen. It is left in barrel to develop and bottled later in spring.

We leave the description of this wine to you as it presents itself is so many ways, styles, motions and emotions and is forever evolving. It is wild, interesting, tantalising and a wine to keep the true lovers loving and we hope interested!

On opening this wine let it have a chance to take a breath in your glass. Please do not shake the sh*t out of the wine or decant with vigour – treat it with delicacy. Enjoy from a chilled temperature and allow to blossom. Ozone, like most of our wines, complements food well. – Manon Wines