2019 Manon Peaches


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The quality of the fruit led us to ferment in whole bunches and hand de-stem over a wooden frame we built many years ago. Each berry is popped off as a whole, creating a delicate carbonic fermentation inside. We believe this process captures the pure essence of the grape and its colour. This wine is a collective ferment of most of the white grapes we grow. Chardonnay, Pinot Gris & Sauvignon Blanc with a little dash of Savagnin. The texture is velvety and succulent like a peach – delicious!  The cloudiness of the wine is due to no filtration, the wine having energy and life inside. Give the bottle a little movement (like a snow dome) and store upright – ideally in the fridge. Open and enjoy with some well grown and true organic food! Take the time to dance, smile, eat and enjoy this wine.

Artwork by the beautiful Léa Bru, who drew this while with us during the 2018 harvest. – Manon Wines