2017 Micro Bio Rack


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The concept Rack comes from a commission to make a wine very rare, rare with balls, hence its name RACK.

This wine comes out like all the white wines made in MicroBioWines, from vines of verdejo in free standing in certified organic cultivation.

This style of wine is a very radical preparation looking for the elasticity of the varietal to know its most extreme part in the sense of working the musts and fermentations with a very high turbidity, looking for a reduction. And therefore, a self protection of the wine. While the reduction / oxidation balance is high there is no risk of generating too much volatility.

And on musts in fermentation in stainless steel I am adding fine cool bubbles to raise the turbidity. Without sulfites added, without corrections, the wine remains until the end of February with lees of the fermentation, there is no battonage nor traced not to lose the reduction. – Mirco Bio Wines